Junior & Senior High School

Le cycle secondaire

The secondary cycle comprises the junior high school (Collège) classes (from 6th year primary to 3rd year secondary) and senior high school (Lycée) classes (from 4th year secondary to the sixth form). Its aim is to help students forge their critical and independent thinking skills, make personal judgements and become responsible citizens. Pupils are gradually preparing for adult life and must get to know themselves: their tastes, strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, they should explore the vocational streams and, together with their families, be able to make an informed choice regarding their educational and vocational orientations. Secondary schooling at LFIA is rewarded with the French Baccalaureate, an internationally recognised diploma that provides access to higher education.

Les professeurs

The teachers follow the latest CNED updates and make sure that the CNED homework schedule is applied. The decision to move up a grade is taken by the CNED, a centre of the French Ministry of Education.

Admission requirements

The French International School welcomes pupils from the French and Belgian education system as well pupils from other countries.  The class a student is admitted into depends on the orientation decisions of his/her home school. A good command of French is desirable. For newcomers, French as a foreign language courses are provided to consolidate the basic skills.

Start their future today!

Admissions for the 2022-2023 school year are now open.