The Parents' Association

The LFIA Parents' Association brings together all the parents of the school in a community working towards the well-being and support of our children's education.

A few words from the president

I’m pleased to welcome you to our page, dedicated to the LFI of Antwerp Parents’ Association. Our association brings together all our pupils’ parents as a community, aiming to support them through their children’s education and ensure their well-being. As a parents’ association we want to be the link that connects our pupils’ families with our school. Each activity organised by the Parents’ Association is therefore intended to bring together and provide a platform where all the actors of our community can meet and exchange in a friendly atmosphere. I hope to welcome many of you to our association and I look forward to meeting you.

Maxime Van Styvendaele

Who are we ?

The Antwerp LFI Parents’ Association (APELFIA) is a non-profit association under Belgian law. All parents of students enrolled in the school are full members of our association. The association adheres to the pedagogical project of the school, all proposals and activities are organized in accordance with its project.

The association represents the interests of the students and their parents, listening to them and supporting them in their journey at LFIA.

What we do

Support and togetherness

We are first and foremost the bridge between pupils’ parents and the school’s leadership team, relaying information on school life. We are here to help, support and advise parents and welcome new families to our school in a spirit of togetherness. We are here to build relationships between families and add colour to the lives of our pupils.

Making School and Community life more dynamic and bringing people together

APE’s role is to help the school with all its activities by energising the lives of our school and community, which are both founded on the values of kindness, excellence, respect and an openness to the world. We are highly intent on building a special relationship between the leadership team and pupils’ parents. We contribute to school life by supporting educational projects and initiatives aimed at pupils. We also organise on-site events and parent get-togethers and collect funds to finance varied and diverse projects that benefit children. We also represent parents at school board meetings, which take place once a term.

Parents’ representative

Parents elect a representative, more commonly known as “parent representatives,” at the start of each academic year. They are a clear link between the teachers and parents of each class. They are also vital intermediaries, ensuring the proper functioning of the association by providing information to parents while also sharing knowledge about life inside the school. We are constantly in contact with the school through our parent representatives.

Our projects

  • Uniform: we organise a uniform collection service at the end of every academic year so that they can be resold at the start of the next academic year.
  • Yearbook: To celebrate the success of our pupils and to provide them with a memento, we make a photo book each year, which we sell to parents.
  • Parent coffee sessions: To encourage exchanges between parents, we organise an informal get-together around a cup of coffee every quarter.
  • End of year festival: an end of year party with activities for the children and a buffet is organised in collaboration with the school.
  • International dinner: to bring parents and school staff together in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, we organise an annual evening with activities for the children, dance music and, of course, food and drink.

We are also happy to provide other services requested by parents 😉


If you would like to meet the members of APELFIA or get involved in the proposed projects, please click on the button below or come at the end of the school day.