A few words from the Headmaster

Welcome to the LFIA !

Whether you’re new to Antwerp or a regular visitor, whether you’re already convinced of the excellence of French education or simply curious to know what’s so special about it, whether you’re a man, a woman, an adult or a child, the French International School of Antwerp opens its doors wide each and every morning and is proud to welcome you.

Founded in 1901, our school  is the only French international learning establishment in Flanders to offer a bilingual French/English education as of the age of two and a half. Its teaching commitments are formulated through the 12 Songs of Odyssey, which outline the contours of our mission with regard to our pupils.

Our mission

Our mission is, of course, educational and we aim to educate all our pupils through an ambitious curriculum suited to their individual needs. Our mission is also a formative one, as we aim to pass on the humanitarian values we hold dear, such as tolerance, acceptance of differences, secularity, an open-minded global outlook, and interculturality. Lastly, our mission is also one of development, since in addition to passing on knowledge and values, we attach particular importance to the harmonious development of our pupils’ personalities.

Our Knowledge

Knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills: these are the three keys that will enable our pupils to gradually become, little by little, year after year, the citizens of tomorrow, responsible players open to the world around them.

Start their future today!

Admissions for the 2022-2023 school year are now open.