School curriculum

Teaching model

A 21st century education combining excellence, international perspective and personal development The French International School of Antwerp offers a unique educational model combining French academic excellence and the dynamics of an international education. This "best of both worlds" approach creates a unique educational package...


The LFIA kindergarten accepts children from the age of two and a half. The programmes implemented are those of the French national education system.
In kindergarten, children acquire autonomy, knowledge and the skills that prepare them for primary school. They also develop rich and organised oral language skills...

Primary school

The primary school includes classes from the first to the fifth year . The fundamental learning cycle spans from first to fifth year and the beginning of the deepening knowledge cycle from fourth year to sixth year. The goal here is to acquire a solid foundation in the subjects covered by the French Ministry of Education...

Junior & Senior High School

The secondary cycle comprises the junior high school (Collège) classes (from 6th year primary to 3rd year secondary) and senior high school (Lycée) classes (from 4th year secondary to the sixth form). Its aim is to help students forge their critical and independent thinking skills, make personal judgements and become responsible citizens...

Bilingual curriculum

At LFIA, all primary school lessons (kindergarten and elementary) are dispensed in French (13 hours), English (10 hours) and Dutch (3 hours). This bilingual education on an equal time base provides immersion in French and English, as well as an introduction to Dutch...

School system equivalences

Find in the table the school system equivalences:

Age Belgium France UK USA IB
5-6 years old pre-school Grande Section maternelle Year 1 KDG Pre-PYP
6-7 years old 1ère primaire CP: Cours préparatoires Year 2 Grade 1 PYP1
7-8 years old 2ème primaire CE1: Cours élémentaires Year 3 Grade 2 PYP2
8-9 years old 3ème primaire CE2: Cours élémentaires Year 4 Grade 3 PYP3
9-10 years old 4ème primaire CM1: Cours moyen 1ère année Year 5 Grade 4 PYP4
10-11 years old 5ème primaire CM2: Cous moyen 2ème année Year 6 Grade 5 PYP5
11-12 years old 6ème primaire 6ème Collège Year 7 Grade 6 MYP1
12-13 years old 1ère secondaire 5ème Collège Year 8 Grade 7 MYP2
13-14 years old 2ème secondaire 4ème Collège Year 9 Grade 8 MYP3
14-15 years old 3ème secondaire 3ème Collège Year 10 Grade 9 MYP4
15-16 years old 4ème secondaire 2nde Lycée Year 11 Grade 10 MYP5
16-17 years old 5ème secondaire 1ère Lycée Year 12 Grade 11 DP1
17-18 years old 6ème secondaire Terminale Lycée Year 13 Grade 12 DP2

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