Teaching model

A 21st century education

A 21st century education combining excellence, international perspective and personal development

The French International School of Antwerp offers a unique educational model combining French academic excellence and the dynamics of an international education. This “best of both worlds” approach creates a unique educational package and opens the doors of the best universities in France and in the world to our pupils.

Academic excellence

The academic excellence of a French school

The French school curriculum is recognised worldwide for its high quality and opens the way, immediately after the baccalaureate, to the world’s best universities, including those in the English-speaking world.

Whatever his or her nationality, every pupil entering the French International School of Antwerp will be guaranteed a comprehensive French education, from kindergarten to sixth form, and the opportunity to prepare for French state diplomas under the same conditions as other French schools in France and across the globe.

French education

Benefits of a French education

  • A perfect command of the French language and basic knowledge (notably mathematics)
  • Solid general knowledge and the development of critical thinking skills
  • An ambitious scientific curriculum recognised by the best universities

Trilingual education

French is the school’s reference language and the primary teaching language. English and Flemish account for up to half of teaching time. All our teachers are native speakers. The school follows an educational programme founded on immersion, progression, personalisation and active teaching methods. After completing their schooling, pupils will be able to express themselves in three languages, both orally and in writing, and to sit for language certifications.

open to the world

An education that’s truly open to the world:

  • Discovering the world’s cultures
  • School trips, educational projects and partnerships with other international schools in the ODYSSEY Group
  • Active preparation for the world’s best universities
  • Multiculturalism at the heart of the school
  • Educational programmes promoting an international outlook and intercultural exchanges (Model United Nations, Summer camps, etc.)

Personalised support

LFIA guarantees its pupils the opportunity to be heard and to take initiatives, thereby ensuring their success and development through personalised support and specific learning methods in groups of the same level.

educational community

A caring and cosmopolitan educational community

The educational community at the French International School of Antwerp is multicultural and dynamic:

  • An attentive and highly-qualified educational team that is committed to academic excellence and student success
  • Pupils and families of all nationalities
  • Partners: a network of partnerships that provide pupils with an opportunity to strengthen their civic and cultural commitments

Enriching social and cultural life

Every day after school and on Wednesday afternoons, pupils can chose to participate in a wide range of cultural, artistic and sporting activities, some of which are conducted in English. 

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