Mrs. Henriette Kretz is a Holocaust survivor and a former student of the French International High School of Antwerp (1948-1951). She recently visited the school's current students to share her story with them. Henriette Kretz survived the Holocaust, but she lost many family members. After the war, she moved to Antwerp, where she began a new life. During her visit to the school, Henriette Kretz shared her story with the students, including her granddaughter, now a 5th grader at LFIA. She explained what it was like to grow up being persecuted by the Nazis and how she survived the Holocaust. She also shared personal memories of her family and the difficult times she experienced during the war. The students were very touched by her testimony. Many were surprised by the cruelty of what the Nazis did to the Jews during the war. They were also inspired by the resilience and strength of character of Henriette Kretz, who overcame incredible odds to survive and rebuild her life. The visit with Mrs. Kretz, organized by History teacher Michèle Dubois, was an important educational experience for our students. It undoubtedly allowed them to understand the Holocaust in a more concrete way and to see how it affected real people. We are grateful to Henriette Kretz for sharing her story with us and hope that it will continue to inspire future generations.